Sunday, November 03, 2013

On googling yourself and being hauntingly beautiful

A few weeks ago, a fellow writer stated that amongst all the depressing, silly things a young writer could possibly do, googling yourself comes out on top. Why? Because he found a couple of negative vibes, one of them being his book tied to the question "Why does my book not sell?"
Thus, the rule apparently is "Thou shalt not google yourself."
Of course, the first thing I did was go break that rule.
What fun.
So what did I find?
First of all, an amazing ten pages of google hits. Pictures of myself, my book, my trailer. Two illegal platforms selling my book at an inordinate price. I asked them to stop. Guess what. They complied! I have the power! Or, more likely, the words "copyright infringement" have.
What else?
Reviews. Pages of other writers, who have linked my page or my book, and I hadn't even begged them to do it.
And an excerpt of my book, chosen "Bubble of the Week" on Pinterest, with a side note describing it as - dig this - graphic, heartbreaking, haunting and beautifully written.
(Click here if you want to read it)

So. Silly and depressing? Not at all. Useful? Undoubtedly. Uplifting? You bet.

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