Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meet Sharon Stevenson!

Okay, let's meet Sharon today. Yes, I've met her before, briefly, and virtually. She was kind enough to say a few very nice things about my writing, so I jumped at the chance to give her some exposure in return.

This is her.
I love the hat.

Now, Sharon, tell us...

Who are you?

Sharon Stevenson; Supernatural Story Spinner & Devourer of Books

Where are you?

A town in Scotland which shall remain nameless simply because I like to be mysterious!

Thought so. The hat kind of gave you away :-) How are you?

Super busy, so I‘m a bit on the tired side but in a good mood since I like having lots to do.

Which book do you want to talk about? Tell us briefly what it is about.

Blood Bound is the first book in a new adult modern
fantasy series about 19-year-old twin demon hunters
Shaun and Sarah Gallows as they get used to tracking
down supernatural threats. It’s an action-packed series
but it’s also character-driven.

Here's what the book looks like:

Why did you write it?

I did the ‘write the book you want to read‘ thing. I love urban fantasy and wanted to create something that fans of this genre would also like. I wanted it to be entertaining, full of supernatural creatures and realistic characters, and with a good sense of humour.

Is there a song you'd associate with your book?

I listened to Twin Atlantic CD’s non-stop when I was writing these books so every time I hear one of their songs it reminds me of a character or a scene. For anyone who doesn’t know them they‘re a Scottish band and they totally rock!

Now I totally had to go and listen...oh, I like the sound!
Plot or characters? Which is more important and why?

Characters come first for me. I don’t think about plots until I know what kind of main character I want to write about. Plot is important though and I do obviously plot out my stories but I think it’s better when what happens comes about because of choices the characters have made, so I have to have my characters as fleshed out as possible inside my own head before I start working on the plot.

I think I just fell in love with you. Note to self: Read that book as soon as possible. 
Last question: What are you addicted to or can't live without?

I am fueled by Pepsi Max.

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