Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"She did what?" Nivvo stared at his best friend, aghast.
A grin began to spread on Fedoro's ugly, pock-marked face. "Send your tale out to some guys to read it."
"Holy fire. Whatever made her do that?"
"Suppose she thinks that if enough people read the story, they'll talk about it, and prod other people into purchasing it."
Nivvo ran both his hands through his dark, almost black hair, cursing under his breath. "The Iossa is not going to like that. I should never have let her write it all down."
Fedoro shrugged, completely unperturbed. "I'd say Vicco could care less. And it's a tad too late to wonder about that now anyway."
Nivvo smiled, but it was a tortured smile. "Did those guys like it?"
"Aye, looks like they did. Enough so that they went and made a new cover for her."
"Seriously? Impressive. Can I see it?" Curiosity shone in the young thief's dark eyes.
"Sure. It's right here..."


  1. I like the monochrome layout. Simple, yet effective. I loved the rat-rap at the head of the page and I wish you every success.